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    From Ray O:

    I have been going to see Ben at his San Francisco location for over 2 years now, his commitment to the community, excellent care, and fantastic herbal medicine is a wonderful asset to me and my health. Ben is always there when I need him, and is always thinking proactively about his patients.

    How many other people do you know that upon hearing that a patient had issues with Kidney stones, went to a weekend of educational seminars and spent hours researching just to be able to provide better service, and give advice on diet as well as herbal remedies for a client? Ben did that for me, and I have not had any issues since, simply following his advice and getting treatments from him has gone a long way in sustaining my health and well being. Oakland is very lucky to have Five Flavor Herbs in the community!


    From Jonah H.:

    Ben Zappin is among the most knowledgeable and effective herbalists I know, and certainly the most accessible and affordable of the lot. Introducing people to Ben and Five Flavors Pharmacy is like telling someone about your favorite movie that they’ve never heard of: I’m sorry you don’t know about him already, and glad to be the one to let you in on it…

    If you’re an herbalist, naturopath, or a buyer for a health food store, you will be hard-pressed to find better products for your patients or customers than those at Five Flavors Pharmacy. Ben capitalizes on his active involvement in the American herbal community to access the very best in organically grown and ethically wild-crafted plants, and, along with his business partner Ingrid (a great herbalist and horticulturist), continues to make medicine by hand in small batches.

    Ben is an herbalist’s herbalist. When I have a question about American/European plant medicine, Ben’s the first one I call. I completely trust his advice, which is grounded in years of experience in the field, garden, and clinic. A real find.


    From Leah R.:

    I have seen a variety of acupuncturists over the years, and after having seen Ben for about a dozen sessions over the last year, I can assure you that he is one of the best. I had a weird pain in my right lower back that went on for about six months…I think it started after a yoga class and spending many hours seated and studying did not help the problem. After one session with Ben I have never had pain in that spot again.

    Overall he is a sweet, caring, attentive, and most importantly (for someone who puts needles into your body) very gentle practitioner. And as an added bonus for busy people, he is always very easy to get a hold of via email or phone!



    From Laurine W.:

    I went to Ben originally to deal with persistant migraines. In a short time through acupuncture, herbs and teaching me basic relaxing and  life style techniques to help reduce stress, I went from one migraine a month to one a year. He instituted a wellness plan  and  after a series of visits, and daily herbs, I was migraine free. His work was so effective I have since used him for various other issues. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellness.


    From Shilah S.:

    Ben is an knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring practitioner of acupuncture and herbal therapy.  I went to see him after experiencing chronic RSI pain in my wrists and neck.  In fact, before my first visit, I could barely turn my neck.

    I’d never had an acupuncture visit before so I had a lot of questions (would the needles hurt? would it work?), but I felt 10x better after one session.  The needles didn’t really hurt and it worked beautifully.   It was the only thing that worked in easing the neck pain.

    I’ve been seeing him for a few months now to deal with chronic pain and stress and he’s been such a supportive and healing presence.  Although I’m not totally healed (RSI can take a while to get over), Ben has been a huge support in the healing process. I highly highly highly recommend that you see him if you’d like to seek acupuncture/herbal support for pain/injury/anything!


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