Benjamin’s Philosophy

    My greatest satisfaction in my work comes from the partnerships I create with my patients to facilitate their healing process’. While there is great value in the therapies that I can personally deliver, I also take it as my responsibility to educate and encourage patients to make changes in their behavior, diet, and mental habits. I find that when patients are supported without judgment, are guided towards understanding the relationships between lifestyle and health, and held accountable to making such changes, we see amazing results that fulfill everyone’s goals and expectations.

    I strive to use minimally invasive therapies instead using techniques and gentle substances to catalyze the body’s ability to heal. Being a cook, I enjoy supporting patients in healing themselves through pleasurable food which often comes in the form of recipes!

    I also endeavor to act as a steward to local ecosystems through the herbs I provide my patients and the food I encourage them to nourish themselves with. A great deal of the medicines my wife Ingrid and I collect and/or grow or are grown by farmers that we have direct contact with. Our sources for Chinese herbs are from conservation minded companies who have long standing relationships with farmers that supply their materials and fastidiously test for adulterants and contaminants.

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